Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival makes Thugs an Official Selection

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One of my hero’s has always been Michael Moore. Since I saw Roger & Me, I have loved the way he blends pop culture and sarcasm into the documentary format. So it goes without saying I was giddy to find out that Prescription Thugs was going to be an official selection at his Traverse City Film Festival this year!! Chris Bell was in attendance and said that Michael himself had nothing but great things to say about the film. WOW!! I’m humbled.


Prescription Thugs picked up for theatrical release by Samuel Goldwyn!!

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It’s been a crazy two years, but I am proud to announce that Prescription Thugs has been purchased for theatrical release by the amazing Samuel Goldwyn company. It is such an honor to have our film represented by such a prestigious name. The film is scheduled for a November release at this time, I will post more when I get more details. What a crazy ride. Thanks to Chris Bell, Josh Alexander, Peter Billingsley, and the unstoppable Daniel Chalfen for taking this one to the finish line. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


Prescription Thugs is an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

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I am proud to announce our feature film, Prescription Thugs will be a Spotlight Film at this years Tribeca Film Festival. Will be posting more along the way. We are in post now rushing to get finished. It is so exciting to see it all finally coming together and getting so much attention. The film is Executive Produced by Peter Billingsley, Joel Cheatwood and Vince Vaughn. Produced by the amazing Daniel Chalfen, Chris Bell, and yours truly. Written by the brilliant Josh Alexander. Scored by the talented Joel Goodman. And directed by the unstoppable Chris Bell. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. Big love to the guys at Gigantic Post.

Stay tuned for details..

Shot, Edited and Scored a piece for the amazing Mark Bell!

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My good friend and partner in crime director Chris Bell shot this motivational piece for Power Magazine and Turned out nice!

“Prescription Thugs” wins “The Pursuit of Truth” reality contest.

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I haven’t posted in a while because things have been crazy, but Director Chris Bell asked me to be his partner on The Blaze Tv’s new documentary contest show “The Pursuit of Truth”. We were put to the test and had to produce a 2 min and a 5 min pitch piece and in the end we won the chance to make our documentary a reality. We have been hard at work the past few months shooting and editing and we are excited to see this thing get off the ground.


You can watch the show here at The Blazetv

Here’s a clip

Music Video Finished for howard Amb song BLS

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Had the amazing honor to be asked to create a music video for LA’s Indie darlings, howard Amb. Haven’t worked with them in a while and I was excited to make something more artisitc. The haunting beauty of the track seems to sit nicely with the watery darkness of what is being born.

Gnosis Entertainment releases “Badguy 47″ A fun short I was honored to direct.

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It was a real pleasure to be asked by my good friend Baron Brady to direct his latest short script. We shot the film one very long, very hot day in downtown los angeles with no windows and no air. It was hell on earth but the boys were troopers and stayed through the long day. I’m proud of everyone’s performance and I am pleased to present. Badguy 47.

Heartland wins Emerging Filmmaker Award in KC!

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Heartland continues to make waves on the festival circuit. We had the honor of receiving the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Kansas City Film Festival. The little film that could. I am beyond proud.

Heartland takes Jury Prize at Omaha!!

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Super excited to announce we won the Jury Prize at the Omaha Film Festival recently and we have been chosen for opening night at the Kansas City Film Festival as well. Kicking ass and taking names. Who’s next?!!

Landed Art Director for feature film “Shift of the Ages”

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I had the great fortune of working on a great feature film, Shift of the Ages. I was brought on to create motion graphics and animated segments for the film and by the end I was made Art Director for the project and I am working on posters and marketing materials. I was commissioned to create over 80 different motion pieces for the film. It’s been a wonderful experience. After months of work, we are going to be screening at the Archlight in hollywood on Thursday the 13.

I will post more as I am able. Thanks to Cris Borgnine for hooking me up with Steve and the boys. It has been a wonderful creative experience.

Heartland: Joplin Tornado Documentary selected for the 2012 St. Louis Int. Film Festival

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I am proud to announce that our little feature film, Heartland was accepted into the St. Louis Int. Film Festival this year. This film was an amazing journey for me. Having come from the area, the film was a moving journey. Erica and Bernard were amazing to work with and we had the fortune of screening the film for the city of Joplin on the Anniversary of the event. Not a dry eye in the house. Proud to have been a part of it. I hope its a trend in the kind of projects I get to be a part of.

New Spot for iPhone app

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Finished a new spot for the Generation Awesome iPhone app we have created. Turned out pretty sweet.

Updated Motion Graphics Reel.

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Logo Animation finished for Hay House Films.

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New Winds of Plague vid Refined in the fire.

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Had the pleasure of doing the FX and Color on the new Winds of Plague video “Refined in the Fire” directed by my buddy Jeremy over at Mental Suplex.

Color Correction on new Winds of Plague video California out!

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New Music Video “High on the Sheen” Drops!!!

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This video was a blast we wrote, recorded and shot this within 48 hours from concept to posting it on youtube. So far it’s done really well and the single is available on itunes as well!!

SFX piece finished for Generation Awesome

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Speaks for itself.

New Anti-Marketing Scheme PSA completed.

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We have all had it happen, An old friend calls up and wants to chat and you go through that uncomfortable conversation that leads to the inevitable pitch. It has to be stopped! Join us in our crusade to educate our friends that we are not a source for making them rich and NO ONE but the ones at the top of the pyramid ever see any dough.

My Name is Smith is an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2010 Austin Film Festival!!

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has announced their selections and my film “My name is smith” that I shot and edited with longtime friend and partner in crime director James Allen Smith has made it into competition. I am extremely honored and proud of this little film. It’s about time it gets some attention. I will be in attendance at the festival, if your in the area swing out and say hi.

Clip from Generation Awesome Television pilot online!

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I had the pleasure of directing my good friend Patrick Gallagher (entourage, glee, true blood) in this segment from the upcoming Generation Awesome Television pilot “Generation Awesome’s Television Promotional Product Show”. I have been hard at work with the boys slapping together our pilot and we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the goodness to come. Here’s the film that is sure to be a big hit with all the kids. THE MUGGER IV!

Shooting Armored Saint video.

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Had the pleasure of shooting a new video for the heavy metal legends Armored Saint today. Working with the amazing guys over at Mental Suplex.. Jeremy and the boys are an amazing team of guys. Its always a great pleasure working with them. Look for the video soon.. “Left hook from right field” will be rocking your face off.

FX for new Grand Agent music video “They Say”

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Finished up the Fx on the Grand Agent music video for “They Say”. The video was directed by my friend and member of generation awesome, Noah Applebaum. And shot by GenAwe alum DP Steve. Video stars Bert and Alan from GenAwe as well. That’s right we running this shit! Look out for more on the horizon. I heart things.. things!
Click here to see the video on facebook

Directed new short and tv pilot segments for GenAwe

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Had the pleasure of directing a new Mothers Day short for GENERATION AWESOME!  Starring Noah Applebaum and Leanna Spear.  Director of photography Steve Murray.  Produced by generation awesome.

I also directed two segments for the Untitled Generation Awesome Television Product Show.  The pieces star Noah Applebaum (Happy Endings), Patrick Gallagher (Glee, True Blood, Night at the Musuem), and the exteneded awesome family.  I will be directing several more pieces in the coming weeks as we push to finish the pilot and get it out there.


Finished FLOORED piece for the NASDAQ opening.

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NasdaqFootageHad the honor of creating video loops for the big NASDAQ screen in NY! FLOORED was on hand to ring the opening bell and I created two pieces of video to be played on the gigantic NASDAQ tower. Definitely the largest screen any of my work has been displayed on. Thanks to director James Allen Smith for his continued friendship and letting me be a part of his wonderful films. Check out FLOORED now playing in Theaters around the country. Go to and find out more. CLICK THE PIC TO SEE IT IN ACTION!!

Babelgum hosts Trading 101 from the film FLOORED!

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FLOORED is making waves in the festival circuit and recently the Trading 101 piece I created for the film has been featured on BABELGUM. It was a fun piece to put together and we relied heavily on public domain footage from  Director James Allen Smith is touring the country with the film now, look for screenings in at a theater near you!

Wrapped FX for Music Video

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Just wrapped up special effects for a music video for present day productions.  Had a good time creating the “Ghost Tree” effect.  Thanks to Ben who was a pleasure to work with.  The song is called Running Away.. i never caught the name of the artist.

SNEAK PEAK: Tron Lightcycle Prototype for upcoming fan film.

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Having a blast working on some light cycles for an upcoming project.  Decided to go for the traditional look and feel of the OG light cycle and add a few modifications of my own.  Generation Awesome is gearing up for our biggest production yet this summer!  It’s gonna be surweet!

When Worlds Collide: Gears of War vs. Quantum Theory

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Fan film created using only pieces of publicity material from Gears of War and Quantum Theory that were turned into 3d multiplanes in After Effects. Paul Tuersley’s amazing After Effects script PT_Multiplane was a life saver and is available HERE!

Finished new animation project. The Illustrations of Gustave Dore..

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My name is smith world premiere at BIG SKY DOC FEST!!

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Proud as punch to annouce that our film “My name is smith” will have its world premiere this year at BIG SKY DOC FEST in Montana!  This film was very dear to me and I think it is my proudest moment so far.  I am overwhelmed with pride to see it finally get in front of an audience.  I will be joining the director James Allen Smith for the screening on Saturday, so if your there, come say hi. There is a lot of interest now in the film so, fingers crossed we might get this one off the ground!

Click here for Big Sky ticket and show time information.

Updated Mograph reel online!

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My motion graphics reel. from greg young on Vimeo.

Two New Motion Graphic Pieces finished.

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In my quest to expand my after effects chops, I have put together a couple of test pieces that turned out nice.  The first one “What happened next” is an experiment in Camera Mapping.  The photo is from the photo shoot for my webseries The Odd Squad JV starring Bert Rotundo.

The second is a fun little piece created from a street photo i took into cinema 4d and created the mini coop and the meteor.  The rest is after effects love.

Finished shooting new GenAwe Project, Vinny The Mystic.

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TarusFinal1Completed shooting on season 1 of Generation Awesome’s new webseries “Vinny the Mystic.”

Look for it coming soon to your favorite streaming video site or log onto!

“Dressed to Kill” takes top honors.

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The short i shot with Vinson Ferrer “Dressed to Kill” has garned the best of the year from a class of 70 films.  Its a great honor to be selected and the film will be screening tuesday and wednesday.  Thanks again to Vinson and Mellody, the film was great fun to work on and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Two short film collaborations in the can.

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Finished up two short films with director Vinson Ferrer.  I was brought on as Cinematographer on his latest, “Feel like Dying” and “Dressed to Kill”.  ”Feel like Dying” was shot on 8mm and was my first experience with the medium, lots of fun for that grindhouse look.  Thanks to Vinson and Mellody, it was a pleasure working with you both!

Bailey Hats Launches my short series I,B.

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Bailey Hats have released the short film cycle I,B. The series was a great experience and a chance to let my more avant-grade muscles flex. My good friend Santino hooked me up with the project and the always stunning and eternally hip Tony Ward. Paula Calvert over at Bailey’s Hats was wonderful, big thanks to her and her company for the opportunity.

CLICK HERE to watch them on

The Bartender Hates You Series 2 is launched.

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bhy2banThe guys over at Generation Awesome and I, have served up another batch of everyone’s favorite bartender serving out stiff shots of justice to the unkept bar dwellers of america.  This time around we were honored to have such amazing folks in our midsts as Patrick Gallagher from the hit show GLEE and TRUE BLOOD, as well as countless other movie rolls, GET EM PATRICK! And we had our good friend Santio Rice who is always a blast to work with. I would like to extend a personal Thank You to all of the fine actors and crew that came out and made the day run like glass. Click here to watch the latest!

The Bartender hates you takes off.

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Our popular Web Series “The bartender hates you” is still going strong with over 2.6 MILLION hits and rising it has surpassed all of my expectations.  We have been featured in THE LA EXAMINER, THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, CHILED MAGAZINE, and TOSH.0 on COMEDY CENTRAL.  On the web, TBHY has been featured on BUTTERFINGERS COMEDY NETWORK, REVVER LIVE, COLLEGE HUMOR, METACAFE, FUNNY OR DIE, and YOUTUBE. And with series 2 launched we expect even more repsonse in the future. Thanks to everyone for getting the word out.